spring cooking

As the seasons change, I get a cooking recharge with new fresh ingredients to choose from.  And since this week has been more about cooking than checking out new places around town, I thought I would share my two recent favorite cookbooks, Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at Home:  Cook Your Way to the Good Life and The Lee Brothers Simple Fresh Southern:  Knockout Dishes With Down-Home Flavor.  Both of these books were very welcome christmas gifts over the last few years, and I have put both to very good use, and enjoyed every recipe I’ve made from them.  I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver, and all that he is doing with his Food Revolution, so I looked to this old favorite, laid out by season, for asparagus soup – a perfect bright taste of spring.  And as for the Lee Brothers, their cookbook is a welcome melding of southern ingredients meeting fresh whole food.  My favorite snack so far is their pickled carrot recipe – of which I tweaked a smidge by adding jalapeno this last time – crisp with a kick!