seattle brunching

We’ve had a great spring in Seattle this year – I mean, sure, we’ve had our gray and rain – but we’ve had some really fortunate sunny weekend days too that we don’t always get. These types of days tends to make Seattleites restless and frisky – and they come out of the woodwork, happy.  For us this means playing outside a bit more – but randomly, it appears it has also meant more brunching.  While brunch food isn’t always the most photogenic, our outings have been such good ones, I feel the need to report on them here.

brunch dames goose

St. Dames – I had heard some very good things about this season-focused vegetarian restaurant and bar in Columbia City/Ranier Valley, and if brunch is any indicator – it is spectacular.  My ‘daily omelette’ was  fritata-like (top right), and had a good balance of herbs and a smoky cheese, with a well-dressed spinach salad on the side.  Their drink menu will also change per the seasons – I happened to have a Santa Sangre, whose color and flavor was heightened with beet juice and complemented with herbal goodness (top right).  I realize as I type this it sounds odd, but trust me, it was yummy – and felt healthy, even if it included alcohol.

The Wandering Goose – has a southern edge to it, so of course I was intrigued.  It is a tiny wedge of a place on 15th on Capitol Hill, and while the tables might be hard to come by, they are fun with poems and quotes burned into them (above, bottom right). I went with the veggie hash – a yummy concoction served in a small cast iron pan of seasonal veggies, potatoes & poached eggs – which was excellent and the biscuits were happy-making as well.

brunch ma'ono fiddle

Fiddlehead – While I have a mission to check out all the southern-themed spots, Shawn’s item of focus is biscuits and gravy.  Our friend Stephanie had been talking up the biscuits and gravy at Fiddlehead in West Seattle for some time, so we had to give it a whirl.  Much discussion was had about the unique sausage and greens gravy, which Shawn declared some of the best in the city – the biscuits themselves weren’t quite flaky enough for his taste, but all in all a very successful find (top left).  My breakfast caused no debate – the salmon potato cakes with spinach and poached eggs were just hands down good.

Ma’ono Fried Chicken & Whiskey – formerly Spring Hill (but same chef and owner), also in West Seattle – the name of this establishment leads you to believe their menu is singularly focused, but don’t overlook breakfast. Highlights of the table at a recent birthday brunch were chicken and waffles (bottom right) and eggs Benedict (bottom left), but even my straight-up sunny-side-up was accompanied by the most perfect crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside potatoes.  Yum!

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