a few choice beverages

I’ve had a few exceptional beverages recently – and felt the need to share:

Essex – owned by the next door Delancey, this is the perfect spot for a drink while you wait for you table next door – or in my case recently, a late afternoon libation with a girlfriend to catch up.  They have several cocktails on tap (my Americano for example, above, left), and they make all sorts of tinctures, bitters and such to make very artful cocktails.

Milstead & Co. – a newish coffee spot n Fremont that takes its coffee seriously. They serve Intelligencia and Stumptown coffees, and pull a beautiful shot, with great milk art (with lots of alternative milks for you non-dairy folks).  They will also do regional varietial single-brew pots as well as spot-on cold-brewed iced-coffee.

Sambar – there is only one week left at tiny jewel of a bar in an off-the-beaten-path part of Ballard.  While I had some mixed feelings about the institution of a restaurant that Sambar is attached to – I still find it sad that they both have (or are about to) close.  I love the little side yard, and the incredible mixologist.  So, if you’ve never been and have a moment to get there before the end of the month,  I highly recommend it!

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