the pantry at delancey

I have mentioned my love for Delancey pizza previously here – and now there is an amazing new back door addition to exclaim about – The Pantry at Delancey.  I first got a sneak peek at the space earlier in the summer due to the owners being avid RE Store folks, creatively using a fair amount of salvage in their creation of the brightly lit, tucked away place.  I am (slowly, but surely) working on a Salvage Ballard Walking Map at my day job that I am excited to include them on – since they are singing our praises whenever folks ask “where did you get that door?”, etc.  About that time, they were about to open their doors for cooking classes, family dinners, catering – and general community creation centered around food.  Right up my alley on many levels!  Their classes were wildly popular from the word “go”, but one caught my eye, and still had room –  I signed up immediately for Food Photography.  It was a great class, taught by Ashley of Not Without Salt.  Lots of technical reminders for me, such as checking white balance – somehow I had gotten away from that with digital.  Then time for staging and taking different shots in different light conditions and locations around The Pantry.  And perhaps the best part for a bunch of foodies – breaking bread around the big farm table with a light meal, wine and camaraderie with folks of similar minds.  Some of the great folks I shared this with were food bloggers of all kinds, like  Stacy Holli, and Dawn.  A great community and space has been created around food – keep an eye out for food classes for yourself!