Okay, so I’ve been a little MIA on the blogging the last few weeks.  My excuses are a little slim  – a renewed interest in budgeting (okay – forced interest in budgeting), along with planning a trip (vamos a Mexico!) and the biggest outreach events of the year at work (Trash Fashion Show April 16th – come check it out – it is a good, bawdy fun time!) have all kept me from getting out there and exploring new finds in our food town.  But, I realized that during these times, I turn back to basic comforts, and the simple pleasures of a small treat – so why not talk about one of those?  Last week I met a buddy for coffee at Irwin’s in Wallingford – a small bakery/cafe with an eclectic neighborhood center vibe.  I was reminded that one of my most favorite muffins in the city is baked right there – the pumpkin walnut – with the just-right balance of moist to crispness.  Adding excellent Cafe Vita espresso drinks, and a window seat to catch up with a friend makes for a lovely rainy morning Seattle moment.