If you pay attention to any food buzz in Seattle, then you’ve probably heard of Delancey – beautifully simple, but of utmost ingredients, thin crust pizza made by chef Brandon Pettit, tucked away in the N. Ballard collection of shops and eateries on NW 70th. Brandon happens to be married to Molly Wizenberg, blogger of one of my favorite food blogs, Orangette. I finally made my way in there last week and had the most mushroom-y essence of a pizza (yep – technical term), on an olive oil base.  Just as good the next day – I haven’t been as excited for leftovers in a very long time.  My buddy Chelsea and I split a salad that erred on the too simple and overly dressed side, but the pizza and the salted chocolate chip cookie we split at the end most certainly made up for it.  Yes the lines to get in are long (go late) – but yes, the pizza is worth it.   Go.

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