new in fremont

After somewhat of a lull these last few years, it seems like there are lots of new food spots springing up all over the place in Seattle.  It is nice that several of these thoughtful food places happen to be in our neighborhood and we can walk to them.  Probably the favorite of the new spots for me is Uneeda Burger on Fremont Avenue.  The folks that own Zoe and Quinn’s decided to create a place with just as much attention to the food details, but at a low-brow price.  Burgers all sorts of ways with grass-fed beef, and a house made crispy emmer veggie burger that can be sub-ed in for any of them, that is definitely not an afterthought like the veggie option sometimes can be.  Shawn and I both had our burgers with the cremini mushrooms, shallots, truffle salt and gruyère.  It is so good that we are a little worried that we might not ever even try the other yummy sounding concoctions on the menu – it will be hard to stray, but try we must.  Fries and a small but good collection of draft beers round out the meal – but that makes it sound far more straightforward than the food actually is.  I am looking forward to a stroll up the hill on a nice summer evening to sit on their sizable patio as well.  Uneeda Burger, 4302 Fremont Avenue North (no website as of this posting)

Another set of renowned Seattle chef owners (of Joule in Wallingford)  have opened Revel on Leary –  serving up artfully crafted “urban style Korean street food.”  A few offerings in each category – dumplings, pancakes, noodles and rice – you can mix and match a couple of plates for a great meal, or better yet – go with a group and do many small plates.  I tried the potato chives pancake – crispy, simple loveliness – and the incredibly flavorful delicata squash dumplings with ricotta and pecans.  The sauces were excellent as well – and although I’ve never been to Joule, I think this is where some of that french training comes in and crosses over with the Korean street food.  Separated from the restaurant, the bar side of Revel looks like it has some great libations in an intimate space – along with the back deck, this was all artfully designed by our friends at Graham Baba.

And lastly, I will mention the new sweet spot that just opened last week – Pie.  All manner of sweet AND savory pies to be had – and one of the best moves on their part, I think, is the late night walk-up window.  I tried a couple of the one-two bite pies – the pecan pie was my hands down fave.


So… I am back from my radio silence, all due to a crazy-busy December.  On top of the typical over-planned holidays issue, I also started a new job (yay!), along with a more-than-usual roster of photo gigs – all very good things, but which pretty much kept me from eating out at new places and/or typing about it.  However, after a few weeks of going fast, mixed in with your typical holiday debauchery, I was in desperate need of eating some good-for-me, feel-the-vitamins kind of food.  This is where Thrive came in.  Perhaps it was just the contrast to holiday food – but it was a welcome healthy meal and tasted so good at the same time!  This restaurant has a mission and feel that takes me back to my long-ago natural food store days – but they’ve amped up the artistry in the kitchen, and deliver some very yummy stuff that happens to be vegetarian, raw, gluten-free and organic.  I especially enjoyed their miso soup – chock full of veggies, with an incredible bright greens and miso soup base.  Their dragon roll with yummy sesame and avocado dipping sauces was also incredibly flavorful.  Whether you believe in the whole raw trend or not, I recommend this place when you feel you need a little shot of good, clean, healthy food!