savor seattle

My friend Carrie gave me a birthday present of a ticket to join her on a food tour through Savor Seattle.  We finally got around to putting this to use during the week of Thanksgiving – and it was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon!  It is definitely geared more towards folks that don’t live in Seattle, but we still learned a lot, sampled some wonderful treats and had a wonderful day of it.  We chose the Gourmet Seattle tour – about a three or so hour tour spent meandering through downtown and Pike Place Market, nibbling along the way.   Our tour guide, Eric (top left), started us at Andaluca, sampling crispy duck cakes (top middle) and sangria.  Then on to Serious Pie for two of Tom Douglas’ wood-fired pizzas, the truffled cheese and mushroom – my eternal favorite pizza in town –  and the margherita (top right), which was simplicity at its most beautiful.  After that, we made our way down to the market for “all things truffle” at La Buona Tavola, where I found my new favorite secret ingredient – truffle salt!  Il Bistro was next for a wonderfully executed seafood risotto (bottom left) and my favorite glass of wine on the tour, an affordable sangiovese from the Columbia Valley (Waving Tree).  Pike Place Brewery for some beer tasting (Scotch Ale wasn’t half bad – a lot of you know, I am not a beer drinker, but I like the art behind smaller breweries and want to support that in theory), along with some Mt. Townsend Cheeses, and of special note – the Naughty Nellie Spent Grain Beer Roll (made from spent grain in the beer making process, bottom right), which were lovely little things!  ART at the Four Seasons for their tenderloin sliders (decadent! go there for a happy hour) and Dry Soda tasting – and then the tour finished up at Gelatiamo for dessert.  The owner, Maria, is a great character, and her gelato has always been a standard to measure up to in Seattle, but this time I was most interested in her panettone – a closely guarded family secret, and some of the best I’ve ever tasted.  If panettone is a christmas tradition for you, give hers a try!  Carrie and I finished our icy day wanderings with a delicious hot toddy at Oliver’s at the Mayflower Hotel (a stately place, voted best martini in town for years and years).

The tour for me was a very good reminder of some perennial spots around town that I might have overlooked or forgotten, as well as just a good way to gather with a friend and learn about one of my most favorite subjects – say it with me – food.  Eric was a great guide – and I think this would be a great way to show a visitor a slice of Seattle’s food scene!