la fondita #2

Always in search of something close to an authentic Mexican street food experience here in Seattle, means that I try a lot of places.  But this one is a rare trifecta of being good, cheap, and eaten outside.  Taco trucks promise this convergence the best, but can be bland for the non-meat eater… until I found La Fondita #2 in White Center this week.  The sopitos were cooked crisply, and the toppings were all very fresh and flavorful, with a beautiful added touch of the grilled onion and jalapeno.  Shawn had simple but well executed carne asada tacos.  A successful field trip – I am sure we will be seeing them again as well as checking out the roasted corn stand that resides in the same lot.  Taqueria La Fondita #2, White Center, 9811 15th Ave SW, near Roxbury (no website)


honore artisan bakery

I never know where to begin with a blank page in a journal, or a blank canvas… and a blank blog page isn’t much easier, but Honore’s French macarons are worth starting a discussion about food and wanderings with!  I stopped by this little tucked away neighborhood Ballard bakery last week one day for a surprise treat, for no particular reason at all.  I carried my little box of sweet treats home as if they were the most fragile thing, waiting as patiently as possible to share them with Shawn.  Once they were photographed (of course!), we savored every last morsel of these beautifully executed, butter cream and almond meringue cookies.  Our introduction to these delicate, intensely flavored cookies were at the premier Hermes Bakery in Paris – and I must admit, these are good enough to transport us back to Paris!   Pictured here:  Pistachio, Hazelnut, and Rosemary Chocolate.  Other flavors there that day: Coconut Salted Caramel, Coffee, Lavender, Chocolate, Lemon – along with beautiful French pastries I will definitely go back to try.  Honore Artisan Bakery, Ballard 1413 NW 70th St (no website).